Mind-Blowing Baby Shower Gifts For The 21st Century


There’s nothing quite like a baby shower. The excitement, the cuteness and let’s not forget that all important baby shower gift. This is a time when getting the right gift really counts. If you make a wrong choice you disappoint an expectant parent and also create a lot of discomfort for yourself. This discomfort won’t just be apparent when you hand the gift over but when it comes time for the gifts to be used. Someone not using those socks you got them last Christmas is nowhere near as bad as a baby toy or outfit “disappearing” after the shower while everyone else’s gifts are being enjoyed by baby.

There are plenty of staple items that make a great baby shower gift but how can you make your gift totally mind blowing? At the same time as getting a knockout gift you need to be aware that we are living in the 21st Century. Some gifts are stuffy and antiquated. You want something fit for the 21st Century baby that makes jaws drop when it is revealed.

Clothing with a twist

We live in the information and social media age. Silly little outfits for a baby to have on at home are one thing, modern babies want to go viral! Take some extra time finding an outfit with a humorous twist to it. There are lots of loose fitting fleece wraps that keep babies cosy and comfy while filling adults hearts and social media accounts with joy.

Personalized books

The print on demand business is booming. It’s now possible to really get some amazing unique items. You can get a personalized baby book made with the baby’s name on the cover and pages.

If you have a decent budget you can get someone on Etsy or Fivver to create a really personalized product down to your specified details.

The classic expanding bracelet

A bracelet that fits a child for a large portion of their life is a really special item. Get one made by a different culture or art form that you think is a good fit to make it unique.

The stuffed toy

Babies and kids can get really attached to a lovely cuddly toy. To keep baby happy pick something with neutral tones, a gentle smiling face and something that is super soft to the touch. To make the gift impressive try and find something with an interesting story behind it. Perhaps one that is made and sold to raise money for a great cause.