21st Century Wedding Etiquette

Weddings have gone through a number of transformations over the centuries and certain things that may have been a must long ago may not be necessary in the 21st century and a few guidelines may have been added or modified to suit the current trends. But it still remains that it is important to observe certain standards of etiquette whether you are the one getting married or you are a guest at a wedding. According to experts in wedding etiquette, here are the most common rules on wedding etiquette.

The plus one Etiquette


If you are the hosts of the wedding it is important that guests who you know to be married or are in a long time relationship are invited together. However, there is no obligation to invite your friend and the girl he met online last week. At the same time, though, if you are able to accommodate more guests, there is no harm in letting your single friend have the option of coming with a date to the wedding.

For the guests at the wedding, if the card does not specify that you can bring a plus one, please do not insist on coming with a plus one. In the 21st century, the economy is hard and you do not want to bring an extra mouth to be fed or to take up someone else’s seat. If you are married and your significant other was not invited, it may have been an oversight but still confirm with the organizers before you bring along your spouse.


RSVP Etiquette


This is mostly for the invited guests. It is important that you reply the invitation in the same way that you were invited or through the suggested method provided. It is not enough to send a text saying “See you then” yet you were given a beautiful card. If there is a number for RSVP, then please call to let them know you will be there and if an email was sent, then take the time to type out a response indicating it will be a pleasure to be there. And Yes it is important that you RSVP because it helps them plan.

Gifts Etiquette


Advice of the experts from www.valentinesideasforher.com: for the couple, it is good practice to create a registry, this is a list of the things you will need so people can avoid giving you things you already have as gifts. The registry can also be of things you already have so the guests will get you what you do not have

As a guest, it is advisable that you look at the registry before you go out and buy a gift. It is also a good idea to ask people you know will be going to the wedding what they plan on getting the couple so that you do not all buy the same things. If possible keep the receipt and give it to them if they end up with too many plates or cups or whatever common gift is given.

Photo Etiquette


The 21st century is full of smartphones and so many other gadgets that can take pictures and many times people end up doing the wrong things with them at the wedding. First of all, you need to know you are not the official photographer so never block the official photographer as you try to get a shot of the occasion. You should also ask if it is okay for you to post those pictures on social media. Give the bride or groom the opportunity to break the news of their wedding online. By all means do not tag or post pictures in which the bride is not looking flattering. It is her special day so do not make her an object of ridicule.


Dressing Etiquette

It is best for the couple to indicate in the invitation what kind of dressing should be adopted for their wedding especially if they are going with a particular theme.

For the guests, do your best to observe the dress code that has been indicated but if there is no dress code, just remember weddings are special and they are formal so T-shirt and jeans would be inappropriate. At the same time, though, do not steal the bride’s thunder, all white dresses may have you looking like the bride. Give her the chance to shine at her own wedding.